Professional Editing Services

Whether you’re just starting out, struggling with a second draft, or wanting to polish your finished content, I’m here to help at any stage of the creative process.

For each of the services, I will use Word’s commenting and tracking features or the comment functions in a PDF to make edits. Manuscripts will be returned as two versions: one with the edits visible for acceptance or rejection, and one that is a clean copy with all changes accepted. If warranted, consistent grammatical errors will be pointed out as a common courtesy. 

For Developmental and Substantive/Line edits, I will provide a reader report that addresses big picture strengths and weaknesses present in the story based on the basic elements of successful storytelling. Along with some suggestions for revision, I will highlight effective and questionable issues with characterization, conflict/tension, description, inconsistencies, pacing, passive writing, plot, point of view, scene development, and showing vs. telling. Appointments for an optional in-person or virtual consultation are available for an additional fee.

Below are the service rates, with half of the price due up front and the balance due upon completion of the service. Please note that industry standard is about 250 words per page. Also note, manuscripts should be formatted as a Word document (or PDF) in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one-inch side margins, and indented paragraphs (scripts and websites excluded).

Basic Copyediting || 5-10 pgs/hr || $30-40/hr

Grammar, punctuation, and accuracy.

Heavy Copyediting || 2-5 pgs/hr || $40-50/hr

Grammar, punctuation, accuracy, and reordering of text.

Developmental Editing || 1-5 pgs/hr || $45-55/hr

Grammar, punctuation, accuracy, and reordering of text. Brainstorming ideas and offering guidance from initial concept to completion of the project.

Substantive/Line Editing || 1-6 pgs/hr || $40-60/hr

Grammar, punctuation, accuracy, and reordering of text. Detailed, extensive, line by line editing, story editing, and final proofreading of a finished (or nearly finished) draft or project.

Website Copyediting || Full Site || $40-50/hr

Grammar, punctuation, accuracy, and reordering of text.