Transmedia Project

What They Don’t Tell You About Babies

This is a project created for my Transmedia Writing course at Full Sail University. The goal was to push the story world of my Comedy Horror screenplay out into the real world. For this project, I created an in-character Twitter account, YouTube video, and a conspiracy website. Check out what I came up with below. Enjoy!

The Screenplay

What They Don’t Tell You About Babies is a Comedy Horror about Connor and Megan, a pair of hubristic soon-to-be first-time parents, who attend a children’s birthday party, but when an unexpected guest arrives and confronts them, Connor and Megan struggle to accept that there’s a lot they don’t tell you about babies.

The Twitter

Told from the point of view of the Stork, this in-character Twitter account let me add a bit of “humanity” to the bird we see in the screenplay. It also let me use some terrible puns, and I am always okay with that.

Sean the Stork’s Twitter

The YouTube

A silly minute long video with a “homemade” look to add to the realism. It’s cheesy, sure, but cheese is delicious. The video itself is meant to make viewers laugh while also giving them goosebumps.

The Website

The website of Luther T., conspiracy theorist, reveals the TRUTH about the stork menace. Made completely in-character, this website is purely for laughs. The “higher-ups” would never allow me to say that everything Luther T. says is true and you should believe him, so I won’t.

The Real Truth Facts About Storks