Unpublished Writing

I Am Karma’s Gun

Something must of went very wrong with Rainbow’s reincarnation, because she’s just been adopted from the animal shelter by the best friend of the Neo-Nazi who murdered her!

Short story. Weird Fiction/Dark Comedy. About 4200 words.

This story was written for a contest. The rules were to write a fifty paragraph story with no paragraph being less than three sentences. The contest sponsor provided the first and twentieth paragraphs. The rest are mine.

Late Morning Tea

Peggy and Phil return to the tropical hotel, where they spent their honeymoon sixty years ago, to reconnect with each other, reminisce, and finally set things right.

Flash Fiction. Drama/Suspense. About 900 words.


For some folks fear of the number 666 can be a real monster.

Flash Fiction. Weird Fiction/Horror. About 666 words.

Unpublished Screenplays

Material Things

Charlotte, a young hoarder, wants to ask her neighbor, Mina, out on a date, but when Charlotte’s abusive ex-girlfriend shows up to cause trouble, Charlotte must confront her past if she hopes to ever have a future.

Short script. Drama/Suspense. 10 pages.

A Joyful Couple

Joy must make a life-changing decision for her entire family, but her religious convictions require her to get her husband Phil, who suffers from a debilitating illness, to give his permission because he is still scripturally considered the head of the household.

Short script. Drama/Suspense. 6 pages.

Prior Complications

A modern-day expectant father named Michael is anxious about him and his wife, Denise, losing another child during the birthing process. Unfortunately, his anxiety is about to manifest in horrific fashion.

Short script. Horror/Suspense. 6 pages.

Based on a short story in my eBook, Three Cups of Thrilling Tea.

Published Writing

Three Cups of Thrilling Tea

A set of horror and weird fiction short stories that take you on a harrowing journey across time. First, to a horrific late night in a modern-day suburban home. Then, to the ancient era of freelance book hunters helping to fill the Great Library of Alexandria. And finally, to an isolated, rat plagued island in a mythical age swept away by history.

eBook. Weird Fiction/Horror. About 5300 words.